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Traditional Braces Corpus Christi TX

Close up of smiling woman with traditional braces at Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXOnce many of us learn that we may need to have braces , we might immediately wonder what options are available and also what having braces entails. Though it may seem a bit daunting to realize that braces are about to become a very important part of your dental care, it does not need to be something that causes anxiety, because of how beneficial braces can be.

Here at Star Orthodontics we understand the concerns many people may have about getting braces and are happy to help set your mind at ease.

What Are Braces?

When it is determined that you will need to have braces, that means that your mouth will benefit from the realignment of your teeth into positions superior to their current ones.

This means that you may have an issue that is either causing problems right now or we have detected a potential problem that can be remedied or prevented with immediate treatment. Though some may not know exactly what braces are, you should know that you are in expert hands when you come to us for help.

First, we will check to see what the primary issue is during your preliminary exam. If there is a potential for impaction or misalignment in your jaw, it becomes important to start the repair process as soon as we can. This can stop future issues that could make it difficult for you to chew or even speak.

Though there are many types of braces available, depending on what stage of your care you are in or what your lifestyle entails is a determining factor on how your teeth can be realigned. With sublingual braces, the brackets go behind the teeth, and with invisible plastic aligners, they can be removed at your convenience, though it requires more discipline to keep up with the treatment.

How Traditional Braces Work

Those who are going in for braces, even for very slight corrections, often opt for traditional braces. Not only are they assuredly effective for treating nearly every issue your mouth may have, but they also allow us to have full control over your treatment to ensure that you get the absolute best treatment when having your teeth aligned.

Woman smiling with braces and a perfect smile from Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXTraditional braces are generally metal brackets that fit over the front part of your enamel. If you have ever seen a teenager walking around with a metallic grin, there is a good chance they are having orthodontic realignment.

Though that can be a bit intimidating, especially as an adult, many find they are so secure in their self-confidence that prioritizing their oral health over their appearance is quite easy.

Though traditionally, metal is secured to your teeth with an assortment of wires and rubber bands, you may also opt for ceramic or porcelain brackets rather than the metal ones. Not only can the size of the brackets be readjusted for optimal comfort, but they may also be less obvious for those who would prefer a more subtle treatment.

If you have recently learned you might need braces or would like to find out if they are what may be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Star Orthodontics a call at 361-371-8555 to schedule an appointment to discuss what options are available for you.

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