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Some orthodontic technologies including a 3D cone beam scanner and display monitor used at Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXAt Star Orthodontics, we stay up-to-date with the most advanced technologies and techniques to provide optimal care. From minor procedures to long-term treatment plans, our cutting-edge technology allows for superior comfort, safety, convenience, and effectiveness. If you are looking for innovative orthodontics, you have come to the right place!

iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner

3D imaging is one of the newer technological advancements to revolutionize the field of orthodontics. Our 3D imaging provide more precise treatment planning and appliances. With the advantages of 3D imaging, we can now scan your oral cavity to create a digital impression of your teeth and gums. We use a wand-like device, known as the iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner, to procedure these high-quality digital impressions. An iTero impression is typically used to design and fabricate Invisalign® aligner trays. Each tray in your series is custom-fit to slowly move your teeth to a more proper position.

Cone Beam CT Scan

A cone beam CT scan is a diagnostic tool that produces a 3D representation of your teeth, gums, nerve pathways, and underlying bone structure within a single image. We typically utilize cone beam CT scans when a regular x-ray is not enough. Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, is a diagnostic x-ray technique that produces a three-dimensional image of the hard and soft tissues in your face. In orthodontics, we use cone beam CT scans to gather information on your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Digital X-rays

Traditional x-rays required a chemical film development process that is tedious, time-consuming, and harmful to the environment. These days, we use digital x-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning. Instead of film, digital x-rays use an electronic sensor to capture images of your mouth. Digital x-rays have some advantages over traditional methods, including higher-quality images, less radiation omission, and instant development!

On-Site Labs For An Easier Dental Experience

At Star Orthodontics, we understand that undergoing treatment is an investment in your time. It is important for us to give our patients, both old and young, every opportunity to receive treatment in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of the services we have pledged to always provide. This is why we have dedicated the time and expense to building our on-site labs. The benefits they offer to both our care providers and our patients are an investment worth making.
Learn more about our on-site lab.

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At Star Orthodontics, we stay up-to-date with the most advanced orthodontic technologies and techniques to provide optimal care. Call to schedule an appointment!
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