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Why Choose an Orthodontist?
Corpus Christi, TX

Beautiful girl with braces smiling after her appointment from Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXInitially, orthodontic treatments - which involve fixing misaligned teeth, misaligned bite, and much more - was not considered to be an effective treatment option for adults. The reason behind this was due to the fact that an adult’s oral bone structure is much more rigid and hard to manipulate than that of a child in their teen or pre-teen years.

However, in recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of oral health. Because of this, the number of adults seeking orthodontics treatment is rising exponentially. Tooth decay, bite problems, malocclusion, and many other causes that help the lack of confidence and insecurities that comes with an imperfect smile, are also influential factors in causing adults, and children alike, to seek orthodontic treatment. No matter a person's age, everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. Speak with our professionals here at Star Orthodontics to learn what kind of orthodontic treatment you may need to get back the natural appearance of your smile.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

There are some major differences between orthodontic treatment for kids and orthodontic treatments for adults. Some of these differences can prove to be beneficial for an adult, however, allowing our professionals to treat the problem more efficiently. Conversely, apart from the obvious benefit of the treatment restoring the confidence in adults by fixing the appearance of their teeth, adults may also not require a more extended treatment period than kids. Traditional metal braces with wires and brackets are not the only option available to patients anymore. There are several other options, including invisible removable trays such as Invisalign, ceramic braces that are tooth-colored to make them less noticeable, lingual braces, and a number of other treatment options. Retainers are often used after the original orthodontic treatment of braces or aligners.

Limitations of Orthodontic Treatments

Along with benefits, the difference in orthodontic treatment for kids and adults can also be limiting sometimes. The most obvious limitation is, of course, the age limitation. Bone loss is a common outcome of aging, which can make the process much more difficult. Unfortunately, due to some structural developments in your mouth as an adult, some changes are just not possible to achieve without surgery. Also, depending upon different people, the oral tissues may react to the treatment in a variety of ways. Some people's teeth may take way more time to adjust to their new positions than others because of these factors. Lack of room in an adult's mouth can also be an obstacle for the treatment, though this problem can be solved by extracting one or more teeth from the patient's mouth.

Previous oral health issues and procedures can also affect the treatment. Lastly, there are other risks involved with the treatment as well, which you must discuss with our professionals in-depth to come to a conclusion. Orthodontic treatment may also affect many day-to-day activities of an adult, making it a challenge for some patients to adapt to their treatment. Because of this, it is essential to speak to us about a customized treatment plan to address your unique dental concerns.

To learn more about the possible orthodontic treatment options available to you, please call us today at 361-371-8555 to book an appointment with us at Star Orthodontics.

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To learn more about the possible orthodontic treatment options available to you, call to book an appointment with us at Star Orthodontics! We are here to help!
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