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If Your Teeth Shift After Having Braces, Are Aligners an Option?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Star Orthodontics
If Your Teeth Shift After Having Braces, Are Aligners an Option?Braces are dental appliances that help move your teeth into proper alignment. However, your teeth won't necessarily stay where they are placed when the braces are removed. In some cases, teeth continue to shift over time, and they often leave patients needing further restoration procedures. When your teeth continue shifting after getting braces, you should consider getting aligners.

The Need for Aligners

There is one simple reason why teeth continue shifting after braces; they are part of your body, and the body keeps changing from your childhood through your entire adulthood. Kid's and teen's bodies, including their mouths, constantly change as they grow. The same applies to adults. Therefore, it is important to address any kind of movements in your mouth, no matter your age.

Aligners are a great option if your teeth shift after braces. These appliances are easy-to-use sleeves that can effectively and safely reposition teeth. Aligners are readily available and don't need a complicated installation process. An adult will require several aligners, with each one sliding over teeth in a nearly invincible manner. This helps restore your smile because it is hard to notice aligners on your teeth.

Furthermore, you can easily remove your aligners for eating and brushing. They also fit in your mouth faster and more comfortably. These appliances can completely realign your smile, restoring your confidence and self-esteem.

It is important to note that aligners serve the same purpose as braces. The only difference is in their structure and design. If you have a few damaged teeth, aligners will be an excellent option. These appliances also help protect your teeth against infections because they cover surfaces. They also help reduce the risk of dental stains and acid erosion. Book an appointment with us to have your aligners installed.

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