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You Should Always Carry Dental Wax if You Have Braces On

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Star Orthodontics
You Should Always Carry Dental Wax if You Have Braces OnAn absolute essential for a person with braces, dental wax can save you from unnecessary pain. It's not uncommon for a bracket to break, or a wire to become loose and poke your cheeks or gums; dental wax can be there to save your day. Read on to learn more about dental wax, and how you can apply it to get the best results possible.

What is Dental Wax

Dental wax is a malleable material, usually consisting of paraffin or another type of non-hazardous and medical-grade material. Due to its malleable nature, dental wax can easily be shaped to fit around your broken bracket to keep it from cutting-up your check.

In order to safely and effectively apply dental wax, please use the following procedure: wash your hands to remove any harmful bacteria that could be transferred into your mouth, lightly brush the area where you want to apply the wax so that no food or bacteria is stuck in there and so that you can get the best adhesion, break-off a piece of wax that is large enough to cover the area, squeeze the wax to make it more malleable and roll it into a ball with your fingers, and finally press and shape it over the sharp area so that it creates a boundary between the braces and your sore spot.

Broken brackets and pokey wires can happen at any time, and so it is best to always have some dental wax with you. It is important that your braces are fully functional at all time; please contact our office to schedule an appointment if your braces are damaged in any way so that we can get them fixed as soon as possible. We hope that this information saves you from any unnecessary discomfort, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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