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Will Insurance Cover Your Braces

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Star Orthodontics
Will Insurance Cover Your BracesDental treatments like braces are complex medical procedures that aim at improving your smile and boosting your oral health. As a result, they can be costly to perform. Braces serve to straighten misaligned teeth and they work for both children and adults. You may also need braces to help fix a bite or teeth problem to make it easier for you to chew food. Whatever the reason for wearing braces, if you do not have proper dental insurance that includes coverage for braces, the cost may hold you back from receiving the treatment you need. An insurer may deny coverage when you need orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, therefore, it is crucial you enroll in the proper plan.

Not all Orthodontic Conditions are Covered

Among the commonly covered conditions are cleft palate, impacted teeth, severe underbites, crossbites, overbites, pain when eating or chewing, and structural jaw problems that cause difficulty or pain when opening and closing your mouth. Accidental trauma to the teeth, jaw, or mouth, and sleep apnea are also covered. Severe malocclusion causing emotional or physical harm and TMJ are other conditions frequently covered by insurance. Unless the orthodontic treatment is considered a medical necessity, you may not receive coverage from your dental insurance.

How Can You Pay for Braces?

It is important you check with your insurance provider if you have dental or health insurance. While most health plans will not pay for orthodontic treatment for adults, they do partly cover kids under age 18 years. If your dental plan does not cover orthodontic treatment, consider buying supplemental orthodontic insurance. Make sure you ask about the percentage the insurance covers as well as the lifetime maximum.

Also, remember that most orthodontic coverages do not cover braces if you already had them before the effective date of your policy. The insurer considers this as a pre-existing condition, meaning it is an out-of-pocket expense. In essence, if braces are considered medically necessary, there is a chance that you will have them covered by your dental insurance plan, but make sure you confirm that. For your orthodontic treatment including braces, visit our dental office to find out more.

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