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How Having Straight Teeth Can Boost Your Oral Health

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Star Orthodontics
How Having Straight Teeth Can Boost Your Oral HealthHaving an attractive smile is quite a boost. It is not uncommon for people with straight teeth to have other attractive qualities as well. Since a beautiful smile is related to higher self-esteem, people with straight teeth are often found to be happier and more professionally successful. People with straight teeth may also have better digestion, as they are able to properly chew their food. If your teeth and tongue are working properly, you can enjoy the benefit of clear speech as well. Having straight teeth has many benefits.

Straight Teeth and Oral Health

Having straight teeth can also boost your oral health. It is much easier to brush and floss teeth that are aligned properly. It is easier to get between the teeth, as well as access all sides of the tooth surface as they are not overlapping each other. If your teeth are misaligned, bacteria finds places to hide between the teeth, which gives bacteria an opportunity to flourish and cause tooth decay. You can experience eventual tooth loss if the problem progresses. As you can imagine, taking care of toothaches and cavities can be expensive and time consuming. Have your teeth straightened sooner than rather than later for the sake of your oral health.

When your teeth are straight, they rest against each other in a complementary fashion. The upper jaw and the lower jaw work well together when aligned. On the other hand, if your teeth are crooked they can wear unevenly and wear down your enamel. The uneven wear also puts strain on your jaw muscles. This can lead to soreness in the jaw, neck, or face.

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