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When a Palate Expander Could Help with Your Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Star Orthodontics
When a Palate Expander Could Help with Your Orthodontic TreatmentSometimes we use a palate expander to correct bite problems. This orthodontic accessory can be used alone or with braces.

What Is a Palate Expander?

A palate expander can be quite helpful, as we can use it to widen the jaw if it is too narrow for the proper alignment of the teeth. When there is not enough room, teeth may become crooked, crowded, or may overlap. Because it reduces gum space, a narrow jaw can also cause teeth to become impacted. Therefore, a palate expander called an orthodontic expander or palatal expander can gradually expand the roof of the mouth to broaden the upper jaw. Expanders may be used to make room for permanent teeth or correct a cross bite.

Correcting a Crossbite

When a palate expander is used to fix a crossbite, it realigns the jaw, so the teeth do not sit inside the lower teeth. If the condition is not corrected, a crossbite can cause pain, dental decay, or even sleep apnea problems.

Types of Palate Expanders

Basically, a palate expander is made up of 2 halves that attach to the top back molars on either side of the jaw. The halves are linked together by a screw, which sits up high in the middle of the mouth. The screw is used to apply pressure on both sides of the jawbone, so it becomes wider and moves apart. A removable palate expander is used if a small amount of the jaw requires widening. This type of expander is worn all the time, except when brushing, flossing, eating, or playing sports.

Fixed expanders include the hyrax expander, which is designed to fit snugly around each of the back molars; a quad-helix appliance, which does not require manual adjustments; and the Haas expander, which is bonded, like the other fixed expanders, to the back molars. The Haas expander features a screw in the middle of an acrylic palate, which can be adjusted for expansion.

Do you have further questions about palate expanders? If so, give us a call to find out more today.

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