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Bad Bites Can Lead to Many Types of Oral Discomfort

Posted on 9/10/2021 by Star Orthodontics
Bad Bites Can Lead to Many Types of Oral DiscomfortA misaligned bite can lead to many different dental concerns. Therefore, you cannot overlook this type of dental issue. To avoid wear-and-tear problems, tooth decay, jaw soreness, or tooth pain, you need to learn more about correcting a bad bite.

Types of Bad Bites

Some of the primary bad bites include the crossbite, underbite, open bite, and deep bite. A crossbite happens when the upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth – either in the back or in the front. An under-bite is a bite that protrudes where the upper jaw sits in front of the upper jaw. If you have an open bite, the front teeth may meet while the back teeth do not (posterior open bite), or the back teeth may meet while the front upper and lower teeth do not overlap (anterior open bite). A deep bite represents a bite where the front teeth cover the bottom teeth too much when the mouth is closed.

What Happens If You Do Not Correct Specific Bite Problems?

If you have a crossbite and do not correct it, it can lead to enamel wear or lopsided jaw growth problems. If an under-bite remains uncorrected, it places wear on the teeth, stress on the jaw, and negatively affects your facial profile. When not treated orthodontically, an open bite can cause speech and swallowing problems, which can make it uncomfortable to eat, drink, or hold a conversation. Deep bites can lead to enamel wear as well as gum disease over time.

Correcting a Bad Bite

Orthodontics is not used solely for teeth straightening. It can also help you improve your dentition and enhance your appearance. To correct a bad bite, we may use a palate expander and braces or a combination of braces and surgery. In either case, you will experience better dental health in the future, so it is well worth the investment.

Do you have a bad bite? If so, give us a call today so we can arrange an appointment for an exam and consultation.

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