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Can Preteens Use Invisalign Trays?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Star Orthodontics
Can Preteens Use Invisalign Trays?The short, unnuanced answer to this is yes, but some factors are considered because the child is so young. For instance, the need for all of their adult teeth to be developed means that if they are thirteen waiting on one tooth to grow in, that will require a waiting period before the aligners can be ordered or should be considered. There is also the fact that invisible aligners have only 40-45% improvement in mouth aesthetics, where braces have closer to 95% improvement. But there are significant factors which draw parents and kids towards going with Invisalign over other options.

The Good Parts

There are a lot of good parts to getting Invisalign instead of a traditional mouth of braces, despite the smaller bracket of improvement. The aligners can be removed from there being far less discomfort with invisible aligners (and far less saliva being produced to account for the sudden increase in occupied space). This means that your child is able to eat things like gum, popcorn, or nuts. And what makes that better is that there is no braces-scarring after they come off. The aligners can also help to keep your teeth clean on a holistic scale since it is hard for particles to get under them.

The Consider-These-Things-First Parts

Invisible aligners are great for getting their job done right. They reduce discomfort and help to keep the mouth clean, but that doesn't mean that they are right for everyone. They require (at minimum) daily maintenance, which includes brushing the natural teeth and cleaning the aligners with an aligner cleanser. These are both very important to the future health of your teeth because the aligners stop saliva from reaching your teeth sufficiently. This means that your teeth are not having a natural time of maintenance, and if they are cared for half-heartedly, they can result in more dental damage than before. To find out more about your preteen and Invisalign, contact us, and we'll get you on the right track.

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