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Importance of Orthodontic Check-ups

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Star Orthodontics
Dental ChairGetting braces or clear aligners straightens teeth for an improved bite and smile. However, treatment progress requires monitoring at regular orthodontic check-ups. These visits ensure you achieve the promised results on schedule.

Track Improvement

The orthodontist examines how well your teeth have moved and straightened since your last appointment. X-rays or scans may be taken. By comparing against your original condition, they gauge improvement. Check-ups verify progress is on track according to the individualized treatment plan.

Spot Concerns Early

Through hands-on inspection of your mouth, orthodontists detect issues early before they escalate or stall progress. For example, excess plaque buildup from inadequate cleaning risks gum infection and bone loss. Poor elastic wear or broken brackets also get noticed and fixed right away during an exam.

Alter Treatment if Needed

Based on check-up findings, your orthodontist may modify the treatment plan by replacing wires and bands, adjusting applied pressure, or rescheduling the end date. Customized mid-course corrections ensure you get your desired results within your initial quoted treatment timeframe.

Maintain Oral Health

These visits emphasize continuing proper brushing and flossing, which become more challenging with braces. Any needed coaching, freshening up on techniques, or tools to aid hygiene are provided so teeth and gums stay protected as movement progresses.

Monitor Overall Oral Health

In addition to physically assessing tooth movement and alignment, orthodontists also check for signs of oral health problems like swollen gums, canker sores, or tooth decay risk. Any emerging issues should be treated before they cause bigger concerns. Monitoring at each visit aims to keep your mouth as healthy as possible while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Discuss Questions and Concerns

These appointments also allow you to voice any complaints should you experience pain or discomfort or have questions about the process. Discussing frustrations and clearing up uncertainties improves compliance and satisfaction with treatment.

Do not Skip Orthodontic Check-Ups!

Consistent orthodontic check-ups enable individualized adjustments and ongoing reinforcement so treatment stays on track. Following your recommended schedule is essential for achieving straightened teeth effectively within the expected period. Contact us today to book your next visit!

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