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How to Care for Your Braces Properly

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Star Orthodontics
A close up of a smile with bracesGetting braces is an exciting first step to straightening your smile. However, these appliances also require some adjustments to your oral hygiene routine. Learning proper braces care protects your teeth and ensures you safely achieve your desired outcome.

Brush Carefully

With brackets glued to your teeth and wires spanning across them, a soft-bristle toothbrush is key for cleaning thoroughly without causing damage. Gently brush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth and gums meet. Methodically move from tooth to tooth, taking extra time to clean behind the wires and around the metalwork.

Replacing a manual brush immediately if bristles fray prevents unintended scratching of your tooth enamel or gums during brushing. An electric brush with pressure sensors further minimizes scrubbing harm. Use fluoride toothpaste to protect vulnerable areas.

Floss Diligently

While a brush cleans teeth surfaces, floss is vital for accessing gaps and dislodging plaque and debris. Gently slide crisscross motioned floss up and down each tooth, taking extra care around irritated gums. Water flossers may also help for a deeper, gentler clean.

Ask your orthodontist to demonstrate proper flossing technique with braces. They may recommend special flossing tools or threaders that simplify maneuvering through small spaces.

Rinse After Eating

After meals or snacks, if you cannot brush your teeth right away, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or an alcohol-free antibacterial rinse to remove food particles before plaque becomes hardened. Additionally, to reduce the accumulation of trapped debris around orthodontic appliances, it is helpful to limit the consumption of sticky, acidic, hard, or sugary foods between cleanings.

See Your Dentist Regularly

Consistent visits to your general dentist alongside check-ups with your orthodontist spot potential issues early. Cleanings remove debris you cannot access with brushing and flossing alone. Flourishing bacteria and early decay get promptly treated before causing bigger problems that stall progress. Protect your investment through their coordinated preventative care. Contact us with any questions on optimal braces care for healthy, complication-free orthodontic success!

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