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Can You Get Your Teeth Straightened at Any Age?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Star Orthodontics
A close up of a smile with bracesForget the idea that braces are just for kids. Teeth can shift throughout your life, but that does not mean you are stuck with a crooked smile. Today, orthodontic options work wonders for adults of all ages.

According to Harvard Medical School, adults are just as prone to teeth misalignment as children. This is attributed to tissue and bone degeneration that comes with age. As people age, dental health issues tend to compound, creating risks for jaws and teeth misalignment. Luckily, there is no age limit for teeth alignment treatment, and adults can receive most of the teeth straightening treatment options that children do.

Why Get Teeth Straightened at a Later Age?

The main reason people get their teeth straightened at a later age is malocclusion, where teeth do not sit well together. Improperly arranged teeth cause speech, chewing, and sleeping problems. Some common symptoms of malocclusion include:


In this situation, the upper and lower teeth do not come together during a bite. At times, the lower and upper teeth do not bite in their correct position.


An underbite refers to a situation where the lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth. This misalignment can cause various problems, including difficulty chewing, speech impediments, and an increased likelihood of teeth grinding (bruxism).


Overcrowding occurs when teeth are tightly squeezed together, lacking sufficient space in the jaw. This makes brushing and flossing difficult and increases the risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Teeth Straightening Options for Adults


Though braces work better for children whose jaw bones are still growing, they can also work for adults. Since braces apply pressure to teeth, they can be effective even after the jawbones have stopped growing. However, braces may take longer to work with adults.


Invisalign clear aligners also have great success with adults. Adults have better control of their habits and tend to use these clear aligners more effectively.

Veneers and Dental Crowns

Veneers and dental crowns are custom-made shells that cover tooth imperfections. These shells are not age-bound and work well with people of any age.

Talk to your dental specialist if you are considering teeth straightening therapy. Most teeth straightening options that work for children also work well for adults.

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