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Orthodontic Treatment for Patients With Dental Implants

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
3d rendering of a dental implantIf you have previously had missing teeth replaced with oral implants, does getting braces pose unique considerations? Rest assured, the precise digital technologies of today make orthodontic treatment possible in well-integrated coordination with implant restorations. Your smile transformation awaits!

Assessment for Optimal Biomechanics

Precision scanning captures exact anatomical measurements of your implant sites, including dimensions and positioning. This data feeds into advanced software algorithms. We assess this virtual picture for any factors like limited space or erupted angle that could affect orthodontic force mechanics. The comprehensive approach analyzes the potential movement of teeth and the direction of force to determine the most suitable braces for your specific situation, the best positioning on movable teeth and fixed restorations, and the gradual adjustments required to achieve optimal alignment without negatively affecting restorations.

Caring for Your Implants During Braces

When natural teeth undergo orthodontic adjustment, the living periodontal ligament makes gradual movement possible through bone remodeling stimulated by appliance forces. However, since implants lack biological elasticity, attached restorations require extra care not to overload sites or loosen hardware. Customized light forces matched exactly to the parameters of each restoration keep shifts contained to the surrounding natural dentition alone. But patients also share responsibility for minimizing hard or sticky foods along with maintaining meticulous oral hygiene throughout orthodontics.

Protecting Your Investment

Given the substantial financial and health investment involved in implant restorations, we take every measure to ensure their stability during orthodontic treatment. Through meticulous preventive planning and conservative adjustment methods, we prioritize the protection and integrity of your restorations.

Excellent Results Worth the Coordination

Revisiting past implant cases with modern technologies reveals opportunities for bite-perfecting and smile-enhancing revisions previously considered unlikely, if not impossible. What seemed like the final correction can now progress to heightened function and beauty. Motivated by elevating standards of care through advanced diagnostics and appliance integration, our specialist orthodontic team eagerly welcomes the opportunity to assess your unique anatomy.

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