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Kids and Braces - When Is the Right Time?

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
A close up of a smile with bracesIf you are a parent wondering about the ideal moment to embark on an orthodontic journey with your child, get ready for expert guidance! As a smile evolves, it becomes essential to pinpoint the opportune time for introducing braces. Today, we unveil the insights of esteemed specialists and offer valuable tips, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge of orthodontic treatment for children.

The Right Time for Insertion of Braces

Providing a definitive answer to the timing of orthodontic treatment is challenging, as it varies based on the age, dental history, and individual factors of your child. However, there are general guidelines to help estimate the right time. Typically, orthodontic treatment is considered for children between six and twelve years old. Their teeth and jawbone are assessed to tailor a treatment plan to their specific needs. Treatment often begins with plastic bands or wires to hold teeth in place during growth. The standard duration for orthodontic treatment is around two years, though more complex cases may require a more extended period. In cases where a child is taller than average or has weaker jaws, starting treatment at an earlier age may be necessary for optimal outcomes.

Advantages of Early Braces Insertion

Braces typically represent the final stage in addressing dental concerns, enabling the simultaneous straightening of teeth and reducing the likelihood of enduring orthodontic issues. As children grow, it is common for them to grapple with self-esteem challenges. Crooked teeth can exacerbate these insecurities, fostering negative feelings about their smiles. Braces provide a pathway for children to reclaim their confidence, assuring them that straight teeth are on the horizon. Opting for traditional metal braces allows children to enhance their orthodontic journey by personalizing their experience, changing the colors of their elastics at each appointment, and fostering a continuous, joyful smile.

If you are considering braces for your child, ensure that you consult our orthodontist for professional advice. They will review the necessity of this orthodontic treatment and offer the best recommendations.

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