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Are You Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays Correctly?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Hand holding clear aligner trayStar Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXFor people who have Invisalign, dentists recommend wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. Thus, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene when you have your Invisalign. However, it is equally important to clean your Invisalign. If you maintain good oral hygiene but you do not clean your Invisalign trays, it can be detrimental. This is because it can lead to damage of the trays and dental health problems, such as cavities. However, it's not just about cleaning the Invisalign, but it's about cleaning them correctly.

How To Rinse Invisalign Properly

It is vital to know that there is a difference between cleaning and rinsing your Invisalign. While rinsing can be effective, it does not address the unseen bacteria. However, each time you take your Invisalign out, you need to rinse them before putting them back on.

Rinsing involves brushing the trays with a soft brush and clear liquid soap. This will help to remove any debris on the trays. Remember to use a separate toothbrush other than the one you use daily and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

How To Clean Invisalign Correctly

When cleaning your Invisalign, you are going to need an Invisalign cleaner such as 'streraligner' or cleaning crystals. Place the Invisalign in a tray and soak them for around three minutes. Rinse off the solution and brush with warm water. Never use hot water with Invisalign as it may cause them to warp.

If your Invisalign has stains that turn the Invisalign to yellow or brown, you need hydrogen peroxide. To make a cleaning solution, mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide. Soak the Invisalign for 20 minutes and rinse off with hot water.

You need to clean your Invisalign tray at least once every day. This will help to prevent buildup and plaque from forming. You can choose to clean them in the morning or evening or when you are doing your daily oral care routine.

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