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How Do I Clean My Clear Aligners?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Star Orthodontics
How Do I Clean My Clear Aligners?You must maintain cleanliness and proper care of your clear aligners during orthodontic treatment. Regular and thorough cleaning of your clear aligners is crucial as it prevents plaque buildup and unpleasant odors. When your aligners are in your mouth, they come into contact with oral bacteria, food particles, and saliva. To keep them clean and fresh, follow these cleaning practices:


Take a soft-bristle toothbrush and use a mild, clear antibacterial soap to brush them gently. Avoid using toothpaste, as it can be abrasive and may create scratches on the surface of the aligners. Brushing removes accumulated bacteria or debris from the aligners without causing damage or compromising their clarity.


After removing your aligners, it is important to rinse them with lukewarm water. This simple step helps eliminate saliva and dislodge any food particles trapped on the trays. By rinsing your aligners, you can keep them clean and prevent any potential buildup that may affect their clarity or overall hygiene.

Handle with Care

When you're not wearing your aligners, storing them in a clean, protective case is essential. This practice helps safeguard them from potential damage and prevents the growth of bacteria. Keeping your aligners in a designated case minimizes the risk of misplacing or accidentally damaging them. Additionally, the case provides a hygienic environment that helps maintain the cleanliness of your aligners between uses. Remember to clean the case regularly to ensure optimal hygiene for your aligners.

Avoid Hot Water

Avoid washing clear aligners with hot water as it can damage the plastic material. This can lead to warping or changes in shape. Hot water can distort the aligners, compromising their fit and effectiveness.

Avoid Mouthwash

Even though mouthwash can be beneficial for oral hygiene, it is not recommended for cleaning aligners, especially colored mouthwashes. The pigments in colored mouthwash can potentially stain your aligners, affecting their appearance and clarity. It is best to avoid using colored mouthwash to clean your aligners to ensure they remain clear and free from discoloration.

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