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My Teeth Have An Overlap. What Do I Do?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Star Orthodontics
My Teeth Have An Overlap. What Do I Do?Overlapping teeth is a common condition in children and adults. You need to have your overlapping teeth fixed before they lead to other issues with your dental health, such as bite issues, tooth decay, and gum disease. What should you do if you have overlapping teeth?

Should I Worry About My Overlapping Teeth?

Overlapping teeth mean that one of your teeth has moved directly in front of the other. Usually, overlapping teeth occur because you have a small jaw, but your teeth are large. Overlapping teeth can cause bite issues because you won't be able to chew properly due to your overcrowded teeth. Overlapping teeth are also difficult to clean because the teeth are extremely close together. If you don't make sure to brush and floss your teeth well, your overcrowded teeth can lead to both gum disease and tooth decay.

Solutions For Overcrowded Teeth

You have some solutions when it comes to your overcrowded teeth. A dental professional will be able to help you make a great choice to fix your overlapping teeth problems. First, you may want to have one of those overlapping teeth extracted. This instantly makes more room in your mouth for your other teeth. Some teenagers and adults can opt for an appliance to correct overlapping teeth. If you have an appliance in your mouth, such as a retainer, you can remove it to eat and drink or to brush and floss. You may only have to wear it at night. If you have severely overlapped teeth, or if you have multiple overlapping teeth, you may need to wear either braces or clear aligners. Some people prefer to wear clear aligners because they are less visible than braces. Only a dentist should tell you which treatment is right for you.

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