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What effect does thumb sucking have on teeth?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Star Orthodontics
What effect does thumb sucking have on teeth?Thumb sucking can harm your teeth, but only if you suck your thumb with a lot of motion and vigorously. The following are the consequences.

Overbites and speech problems

Gum disease, jaw pain, and tooth decay can result from the top front teeth extending to the lower front teeth. An overbite is the medical term for this ailment. The child may experience difficulties and develop a lisp. The kid experiences problems pronouncing complex constants like' to and 'd'. If the tongue is bunching, the palatal sounds are affected.

Misaligned teeth and position change of the tongue.

Changes to the shape of the jaw thumb sucking misalignment of the teeth where the jaws shape and the roof of the mouth This condition is called malocclusion in this condition the lower and upper teeth fit together the teeth are overcrowded. If the thumb sucking is vigorous, it makes the baby have unusual teeth. The tongue does not sit in the correct position in the mouth. It can also affect the angle of positioning, which affects the child's swallowing and speech, the movement of the tongue backward, and a condition called thrust pattern can occur.

Tipping and sensitivity of the teeth

The impact of thumb sucking on face growth areas in children as they grow from infancy to puberty. The oral-facial development alters when the teeth are oriented in an uncommon manner, influencing the child's facial expression. It can also create changes in the jaw palate, inhibiting tooth eruption through the gums. Thumb sucking causes a space to form between the lower and upper teeth. When the mouth is closed, the bottom teeth may tip inward towards the back, where they do not connect. The roof of the mouth becomes sensitive, and the child is unable to consume some foods, particularly calcium-enriched foods.

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