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Are Clear Aligners Sold Directly to Consumers Effective?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Star Orthodontics
Are Clear Aligners Sold Directly to Consumers Effective?Dental aligner advertisements that claim effective outcomes for almost half the cost are commonplace. Since these dental items are widely available, affordable, and don't require frequent orthodontist visits to straighten teeth, most individuals tend to fall for them. However, are these aligners for direct consumers worth it?

Are Direct-to-Consumer Aligners Risky?

Direct-to-consumer dental aligners can reduce the cost of your orthodontic treatment, but they could cause a long-term issue that would be expensive to fix. Your teeth may be straightened with a dental solution, but you will ultimately need to hire a dentist to finish the procedure.

The fact is that businesses are unable to create dental products or offer dental care in the same manner as professionals. You will still need to regularly check your teeth's alignment even if you use a clear aligner sold directly to consumers. While using aligners, it's important to take care of your teeth to prevent fractured teeth, gum tissue stress, and misaligned bites.

Direct-Consumer Aligners and Orthodontic Treatment

Many companies that sell dental aligners advise clients to consult a dentist before using the product. Others advise consumers to inspect their teeth periodically by going to the dentist while undergoing therapy. Several companies don't assume liability for what can happen during and following therapy.

The best action for your situation is to get professional orthodontic counsel. In addition, you won't suffer any negative effects from wearing affordable dental aligners. A skilled dentist will handle any problems that might arise during your treatments.

Where Can I Get Expert's Guide?

Stop by our offices if you want expert guidance on the best tooth aligners to utilize. If you already have a clear dental aligner, our orthodontist will evaluate your alignment and assist you in choosing the optimal clear aligner.

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