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How To Prepare For Braces

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Star Orthodontics
How To Prepare For BracesWhen put on the teeth, braces tend to create a feeling of soreness and irritation in the mouth. You may also experience some pain. Taking those things into consideration, you need to prepare yourself psychologically and try to find out through your own research about the experiences you are likely to go through.

Seek Professional Advice

Talk to a dentist first before deciding to put on braces. A specialist will observe the conditions of the teeth by doing exams including taking X-rays. If there are conditions that may require treatment before the brace, you will be advised on how to undergo such treatment.

The dentist will also tell you how relevant pre-treatment procedures are before the actual putting on of braces. The pre-treatment checkups will also enable you and the dentist to decide on the right material to use for your braces and the actual treatment plan.

Clean Your Teeth Well

Ahead of putting on braces, ensure the teeth are well cleaned through proper brushing and flossing to avoid the braces being put on an underlying plaque. When put on a clean mouth, braces will take effect faster without allowing room for damage to the teeth caused by leftover food particles.

Stock Up on After-treatment Items and Food

A stock of painkillers may be needed to calm the pain and soreness associated with braces. Orthodontic wax is also recommended as it reduces the friction between the braces and mouth parts, including the lips and tongue.

Hard foods aren't recommended as they may break the braces. Food that needs heavy chewing is also not recommended as it can damage braces. Stick to soft food for your braces to last long.

Knowing what to expect the moment you start wearing braces is crucial for the success of the treatment. Get more advice regarding braces and aftercare by visiting our dental office today.

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