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How Dental Braces Affect The Appearance Of Your Face

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Star Orthodontics
How Dental Braces Affect The Appearance Of Your FaceDental braces treatment is not all about straightening your teeth but also about pulling your teeth close together properly. By doing so, Invisalign or dental braces can affect your facial structure. In most cases, it has a positive effect on your smile when it is used in mild cases such as in crowding or mild spaces.

It can however have a negative impact when carried out on severe dental cases like overbite and underbite. There could be a visible jaw imbalance. By the time the orthodontics treatment is over, it could leave one with dramatic effects. Nonetheless, orthodontics can balance function and aesthetics hence they are experts in correcting misalignment which in the end booths both your appearance and oral health.

Factors that Affect Facial Changes due to Dental Braces

Certain factors affect how your dental braces can affect your facial structure, the extent to which they can affect you, and the degree of change. The patient's age is one of them and the condition of your oral health is another. There is a need therefore to consult our dentists before you opt for braces.

How it Affects Children and Young Adults

The bodies of children and adolescents are still growing and developing. Their gums, teeth, jaw bones plus muscles are equally flexible as adults. Braces are so effective on children and adolescents than adults, and that is why it is mostly recommended for them.

How it Affects Adults

As adolescents become adults, the surrounding bone of their oral cavity continues to get harder and less prone to changes. Dental problems such as periodontal diseases and not observing proper oral hygiene change the ability of the body to change due to fewer bone-growing cells.

To get great results from braces as an adult, ensure you also adhere to proper oral hygiene and care. We can advise you whether it is right for you to opt for dental braces besides offering an appointment. Contact us today to learn more.

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