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Why Keeping Your Orthodontic Appointments Is Crucial?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Star Orthodontics
Why Keeping Your Orthodontic Appointments Is Crucial?Once you have started your treatment with traditional wire braces or Invisalign clear aligners, you need to observe the guidelines you are given. It is a treatment that takes months to years, so until it is done, you will need to ensure you are in touch with the orthodontist and maintain good oral hygiene. You should take care of the device so that they work efficiently and last longer.

Why Keep the Appointments?

An orthodontist will need to check how the devices are functioning. This allows the dental professional to adjust the traditional braces. Components like the wires, brackets, and bands have to be adjusted every so often so that they remain tight and keep shifting the teeth towards the target positions. Additionally, an orthodontist can see if there are things likely to slow down the treatment or delay it. It is crucial that you also continue seeing your general dentist for cleanings and oral checkups.

When you visit the orthodontist, you are able to get new clear aligners if you are undergoing an alignment procedure with Invisalign or clear braces. The orthodontist will provide the next series of braces trays. Also, the orthodontist checks how proper you are following the care instructions and if the gums are intact.

Wire braces can cause irritation to the gum tissue. They can even puncture the tissue. As such, an orthodontist has to see how they are fitting in the mouth and make any corrections needed if there are side effects occurring.

After the Treatment

You need to continue seeing the orthodontist after the treatment. The orthodontist may recommend a retainer – removable or fixed – to allow you to maintain the results. Since teeth can shift back and reverse to bad alignment, wearing retainers after having your orthodontic treatment can help prevent this problem. The dentist will determine how long you have to wear the retainers.

If you wear removable retainers, you have to keep follow-up visits after every one or two months. This ensures that the orthodontist checks for any changes needed to the retainer. If you have permanent retainers, you only visit the orthodontist if they become loose or they need repair. Visit us to find out more about braces and Invisalign.

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