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Life Changes to Expect After Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Star Orthodontics
Life Changes to Expect After Oral Cancer DiagnosisAfter an oral cancer diagnosis, you can expect your life to change dramatically. The first thing you will have to deal with is accepting your situation. You might need therapy and support from your friends to accept the unfortunate circumstances. Some of the other key areas that will likely be affected are discussed below.

Eating Patterns

Mouth sores or swelling after surgery can make chewing and swallowing food quite uncomfortable. When you undergo radiotherapy, you will lose the natural taste of your mouth and have problems such as a dry mouth.

Negative Feelings

After an oral cancer diagnosis, you may feel frightened, angry, shocked, and resentful. In the early days, denial is expected, and most patients are afraid to seek help. Everyone reacts to a cancer diagnosis differently, and living with those facts can be quite hard.

Physical Changes

Some other thing that might likely change is your physical appearance. If you have mouth sores or lumps in your throat, it can be pretty challenging to eat and maintain a good diet. Some of the changes you can expect are to shed some weight.

After oral cancer surgery, you can expect changes in how you look. The surgery can leave some permanent marks. The physical changes might be challenging to cope with and affect your self-esteem and social life.


Another thing that might change after the diagnosis is speech. However, it all depends on the size of the tumor and its specific location. For instance, throat or tongue cancer can make proper speech quite challenging. You can seek the help of a language therapist who can help you speak properly.

There are multiple changes expected after an oral cancer diagnosis. The changes can either be physical, mental, or emotional. Seeking treatment early is the best way to lead a quality life.

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